David Reke

563 Lowell Ave Unit 4 · Cincinnati, OH 45220 · (937) 974-3042 · David.E.Reke@Gmail.com

Coding bootcamp student and recent MBA grad with several years of business experience


Untapped Code Academy

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

August 2019 - November 2019

University of Iowa

Professional MBA Program
Additional courses in analytics and entrepreneurship

August 2013 - December 2018

Cedarville University

Bachelors Public Administration
Classes in business, political science, and Bible

August 2002 - May 2006


Material Flow Analyst

  • Achieved record Achieving Excellence (Customer service) Scores from customers
  • Responsible for day to day communication with customers on 42 million dollars in orders annually
  • Worked cross-functionally to resolve delinquent orders and handle other issues
  • Forecasted customer orders and demand
  • Used SAP to track material flow
  • Worked closely with warehousing, painting, and logistics vendors
2017 - 2019

Home Mortgage Consultant

Wells Fargo
  • Partnered with mortgage processors underwriters to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in 2016 and 2017
  • Originated wide array of mortgage products in a retail setting
  • Built relationships with realtors, home builders, and other referral partners
2016 - 2017

Project Manager

Fifth-Third Bank
  • Observed, documented, and recommended process changes to improve KPIs such as turn times, customer service scores, and document accuracy, in Direct Mortgage Sales Channel by interviewing MLOs, managers, and stakeholders
  • Monitored and reported on FHA pre-qualification compliance and educated MLOs on standard
  • Assisted the closing department in finalizing closing disclosures
  • Assisted loan estimate team in finalizing loan estimates


Programming Languages & Software Tools



Java Script






Microsoft Visual Studio








Git Hub

Word Press


Ordered from most recent to older to reflect growth in coding skill

Digital Spirograph

My own creation built from "scratch." This digital toy allows you create your own version of the old spirograph toy.

Featuring Javascript, Canvas, Bootstrap, complex arrays, and complex for-loops.

GitHub Repository

Simple RPG game

A text based simple RPG game to introduce C#

Featuring C# and visual studio
GitHub Repository Link

My First Angular Project

Basic Angular modules used to introduce angular

Featuring Angular, Javascript, CSS and HTML
GitHub Repository Link

Comfy House

E-commerce site where a customer can add and remove products from their shopping cart and items can be added and removed from the store using a database

Featuring Javascript,API, JSON, local-storage, HTML, and CSS.

GitHub Repository

Type Ahead Cities

A tool that predicts which city you are going to type into it

Featuring Javascript, AJAX, CSS, and HTML
GitHub Repository Link

Dodge Game

Dodge game modeled off of the functionality of popular cell-phone game flappy bird

Featuring Javascript, canvas, and complex for-loops
GitHub Repository Link

Meeting Sound Board

Sound board to make boring meetings more lively.

Featuring .wav and .mp3 files in JS
GitHub Repository Link

JS Clock

A simple Javascript and CSS Clock

Featuring transform and get date functions.
GitHub Repository Link

Drawing Ferris Wheel on Canvas

Using canvas to draw a scene from a minor league ballpark.

Featuring Canvas, and for-loops for data/array manipulation.
GitHub Repository Link

Turret Game

A turret game featuring CSS and Javascript with my own twist involving my instructor and class-mates.

Featuring Canvas, Javascript, if/then statements, and arrays.
GitHub Repository Link

Hit Calculator

A dungeons and dragons calculator

Javascript if/then statements and random number
GitHub Repository Link

Tip Calculator

Calculate a tip after your meal

Featuring forms, inputs, and Javascript variables.
GitHub Repository Link

Personal Assistant

A fake personal assistant page

Featuring CSS and SASS
GitHub Repository Link

Museum of Candy

A website for a pretent instagram-oriented museum.

Featuring CSS, BootStrap and HTML
GitHub Repository Link

Aurora Grove

Fake travel site feautring HTML and CSS.

Featuring CSS BootStrap and HTML
GitHub Repository Link

My Favorite Sports Moments

A collection of my favorite sports moments.

Featuring HTML, CSS, and flex-box, and responsive design

GitHub Repository Link

Flex Box

A simple flex-box project to introduce the use of flex-boxes.

HTML, CSS, and flex-box, and responsive design

GitHub Repository Link

Cat Photo Intro Project

A simple display of cat photos to introduce HTML, CSS, and Java Script.

Featuring HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

GitHub Repository Link

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